Our goals

Platform for cooperation and the exchange of experience

Current challenges in the XXL sector can only be solved by the cooperation of research institutes, manufacturers and suppliers of XXL products. The XXL Products Work Group offers ideal conditions for an intense exchange of ideas.

It was developed by IPH – parallel to the research association „Innovations for the manufacture of XXL products" – to enable a close dialogue between economy and science. It is to serve as a platform for the exchange of experience for interested companies and research institutes and to launch cooperations.

This way, companies are able to report on current technological and organizational challenges and can develop a solution approach together with other members of the work group. Consequently, interests can be focused and key topics of the XXL sector can be identified.

Managers exchange experience

The work group is addressed to companies and research organisations from the XXL sector. The different experience backgrounds of the participants enable a view with various facets on the challenges of the XXL-producers and encourage informative discussions. The exchange takes place twice a year during work group meetings.

Your contact persons

Hendrik Kumpe

IPH - Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover gGmbH


Benjamin Küster

IPH - Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover gGmbH